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Thread Rolling

Thread Rolling

Superior Thread Rolling is the world’s premier aerospace thread rolling shop. When quality matters most, and performance is a must, count on Superior Thread Rolling to put the best possible threads on your parts.

The thread rolling process improves grain flow in the thread, compresses material at the root of the thread, and produces surface finishes of 16 or better. This means your product will be capable of a much higher fatigue life and will torque more consistently.

Rolling Threads Others Can’t

Superior Thread Rolling pushes the limits of what’s possible in thread rolling. We have thread rolled parts up to 54 HRc using proprietary processes developed in-house by our experienced staff and engineers. If your next thread rolling project requires something special, or another thread rolling shop can’t do the job, start a conversation with Superior Thread Rolling. Our engineers can help guide your design to maximize strength and manufacturability.

Engineering  Design for Manufacturability

 Exactly Right the First Time

Rejected parts cost money and waste time. They can even strain or ruin relationships with your customer. Superior Thread Rolling is here to partner with you to get high quality parts to your customers on time!

Superior Thread Rolling uses the Oasis Vision Inspection system on every job. We can sample or 100% inspect thread rolled features with extreme accuracy using this state-of-the-art equipment. Reports are generated (by serial number if applicable) showing each result compared to the allowable tolerance of each thread feature.

Comprehensive Thread Rolling Inspection In-House

Many aerospace parts require testing of the rolled threads to ensure quality at the microscopic level. Superior Thread Rolling’s in-house Metallographic Lab is approved for every major aerospace Prime and Tier 1 in the industry. We’ve also recently added Mag Particle and Fluorescent Penetrant inspection in-house to further serve our thread roll customers with even faster lead times.

Complementary Services

Does your bolt require thread rolling AND fillet rolling? Do you have a tight tolerance shank requiring centerless grinding? Let Superior Thread Rolling handle it all for you in one stop!

Superior Thread Rolling can perform grinding, fillet rolling, burnish rolling, and/or knurling along with our thread rolling service, saving you time and money!

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Complementary Machining

Superior Thread Rolling has a full CNC shop and manufactures complete fasteners. We are experts at cutting and deburring keyways in threads, drilling holes through threads, machining hollow threaded ends, and other part configurations requiring machining AFTER thread rolling.

Deburring keyways, cross holes, or other features cut into the threads can be very risky. Allow our experts to handle it for you! We can perform thread roll, keyway cut, and deburr, all in one stop! You can even combine this with our NDT services and get completed parts shipped back to you.

Learn more about these other processes here:

Unmatched Thread Roll Die Inventory

Over the last 70 years, Superior Thread Rolling has accumulated the industry’s most comprehensive inventory of thread rolling dies, with over 1,500 sets of of die on the shelf, ready to roll. Our large inventory of dies means we’re ready to roll your parts right now!

Superior Thread Rolling strategically stocks multiple backup sets of dies for the most commonly rolled sizes used in today’s aerospace industry. New thread rolling dies have a lead time of 17-20 weeks. This proactive inventory management helps to mitigate delays for tooling.