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Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

Superior Thread Rolling is a world-class parts manufacturer with rigidly controlled processes for converting raw materials into high-quality finished products, such as aerospace parts. Our specialized parts manufacturing process adheres to stringent requirements for processing, testing, and quality control. Superior can manufacture parts from material sourced from our DFARS-compliant global supply base or customer-supplied raw materials. We are continually evaluating and improving our operations and services to meet our customers’ most challenging needs.

Specializing in Critical Attach Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

Critical Attach hardware for commercial airliners, helicopters, and spacecraft require absolute precision in the parts manufacturing process. These parts can be fatigue-rated, life-limited, or even non-redundant, which means failure is not an option. When you need a manufacturer to trust with this type of critical project, turn to Superior Thread Rolling! Our aerospace parts manufacturing specialties include bolts, studs, rods, rod ends, clevises, pins, bushings, inserts, axles, pistons, latches, hooks, nuts, and more!

Lean Cellular CNC Cells: Our Competitive Advantage

Superior Thread Rolling embraces Lean Manufacturing principles, Continuous Improvement, and 6S shop organization as our key methods to reduce process variance and scrap. These continual advances in our aerospace parts manufacturing methods help to reduce costs and allow us to give you high quality parts at competitive prices.

Learn more about our CNC Machining Cells here!

Threaded Fasteners Competitive Advantage

Do your parts require rolled threads?
With over 70 years’ experience, Superior Thread Rolling is the world’s premier aerospace parts thread rolling shop. Manufacturing aerospace parts that require CNC machining plus centerless grinding and rolled threads is a natural fit for Superior Thread Rolling, as it takes advantage of multiple in-house core competencies on a single order.

CNC Turning and Milling

Rolled thread parts are not all we do! Superior Thread Rolling manufactures complete nuts, pins, axles, bushings, inserts, and other parts with cut threads, internal threads, or no threads at all. Our CNC machinists are experts at manufacturing aerospace parts made from the most challenging materials in the industry.

Common Materials for Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

Superior Thread Rolling specializes in manufacturing parts made from challenging materials, including heat-treated steels, heat-treated stainless steels, tool steels, nickel-based alloys, titanium, and super alloys. Superior Thread Rolling commonly machines and thread rolls parts above 45 Rc (after heat treatment!). We have machined and rolled threads on parts up to 54 Rc on materials like H-11 Tool Steel, Custom 465, and 300M.

Meeting International Quality Standards for Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

Superior Thread Rolling is AS 9100 Rev. D and ISO 9001:2015 certified for manufacturing aerospace parts. We are approved for manufacturing parts for every major aerospace company, including for Flight Safety, Critical Attach Hardware, Fatigue-Controlled, Primary, Critical, Vital, and other classified parts. Our in-house metallographic lab is approved for verifying threads for over 40 customer and industry testing specifications. We have also been NADCAP approved for our new Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection processes.

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Premier Customer Service

New customers sending their first Purchase Order will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who will be their main point-of-contact for status all the way thru the delivery point. Our Account Managers have direct access to our real-time MRP system and can give you up-to-date information when you need it. This dedicated Account Manager will handle all future orders and be your consistent point-of-contact to give you personalized service.

Real-Time Scheduling and Supply Chain

Superior Thread Rolling’s fully-integrated MRP system allows us to schedule, track, and react to all orders and requests from our customers. We are more than comfortable manufacturing parts with heavy requirements for testing and processing! Our Production Control team schedules new orders as they arrive, and all production schedules on the shop floor are updated in real-time. Our management team is constantly monitoring our schedule and capacity to ensure our customers’ needs are being met. Superior Thread Rolling is your agile partner in aerospace parts manufacturing!