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Knurling is a manufacturing technique that involves rolling patterns of straight, angled, or crossed lines directly onto the material being processed. Knurling is typically used for decorative purposes, as well as for serrating surfaces where components are locked or keyed together in unit assemblies.

At Superior Thread Rolling, we offer expert knurling service, providing reliable parts for customers across various industries. Superior Thread Rolling has a particular strength in providing knurling services for aerospace customers, understanding the many intricacies that the industry encounters.

Quality Knurling Service

Because we aim to serve all customer needs, our comprehensive list of capabilities includes knurling. We produce the highest quality threads and knurled materials, maintained by our continuously updated quality systems. By meeting the latest ISO 9001 and AS9100 industry standards, Superior Thread Rolling maintains its status as a well-run organization that allows employees, suppliers, and customers alike to do work of which they can be proud.

Types of Knurls

Knurls tools are used to create straight, diagonal, or diamond knurling patterns, producing teeth of uniform pitch on cylindrical surfaces. While these are the most commonly used knurling patterns, in some instances specialty knurling can be implemented to produce teeth on tapered, convex, or concave surfaces.

Cross-slide Versus Turret Knurling

Both cross-slide and turret techniques can be used during the knurling process to produce similar effects. The diagrams below illustrate the differences between both processes:

Knurling Dies

Concerning knurling die equipment, one of the most important variables to consider is whether your project will require through-feed or in-feed knurling. The difference between the two is simple enough — through-feed is used for knurling a bar over a certain length, while in-feed is used when a specific location on a part is required. In addition to feed variations, each die is also used to control how coarse or fine the pitch will be. Boasting a large selection of pitch variations, STR is equipped to handle all of our customers’ knurling projects.

Determining Coarse and Fine Pitch

At STR, we often work with customers whose primary documents for their orders are old drawings that typically only describe pitch as coarse or fine, without specifying exact pitch numbers. To assist these customers, our team defines our standards for what is considered coarse or fine pitch. For example, pitch #72 is fine pitch, while #24 is one of the coarser pitch numbers we produce. After defining these variables, we are able to further consult with our customers’ teams to determine which specifications best suit their projects.

Knurling Diameters

Knurled diameters are interesting because circumference dimensions are actually increased after the knurling process is completed. This is because knurling works by displacing part material rather than by removing it via cutting techniques. Controlling after-knurl diameters is critical for this reason, so Superior Thread Rolling guides our customers through the process logistics, accounting for variables, such as material hardness, to ensure the final dimensions are accurate.

Our Knurling Experts

Quality knurling service begins with a quality workforce. Because of this, we have cultivated a work environment that encourages continual progression towards desired outcomes and innovative solutions. Each team member is responsible for delivering on all requests, including knurling service projects. Moreover, commitments to timeliness and to high quality standards are emphasized among our workforce, because at Superior Thread Rolling we understand that our customers are counting on us to provide quality parts on-time.

Innovation and Creativity for Knurling and More

Whether the project you send to us requires knurling, fillet rolling, or any other type of thread rolling service, Superior Thread Rolling can be relied upon to come up with innovative ideas that will further streamline our services. By constantly challenging the status quo, Superior Thread Rolling does not simply develop quick fixes, but solutions that will truly change the way thread rolling is done.

A Knurling Department Committed to the Customer

Superior Thread Rolling assigns the highest priority to customer satisfaction. By actively listening and creating solutions for unmet needs, our company establishes effective relationships with customers. Our team has gained a reputation for trust and respect, which has paved the way for STR to become the knurling and thread rolling Supplier of Choice. By choosing to partner with Superior Thread Rolling for all of your knurling needs, you are choosing to prioritize yourself as well. Contact us today and experience our outstanding customer service for yourself.