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Superior Thread Rolling’s in-house honing capability provides tight tolerance control and excellent surface finishes on holes. Honing is a critical step in the manufacturing process of many of our parts with the most demanding tolerances and surface finish requirements. Superior Thread Rolling uses honing to finish holes on several types of parts, including clevises, rod ends, axles, fuse pins, pistons, and bushings.

Honing Capabilities

Superior Thread Rolling is capable of meeting your honing needs for parts. Our precision machinery can accommodate a wide range of tolerances, capable of holding ±.0001. In addition to tight tolerances, our team provides comprehensive surface finish capabilities, honing surfaces up to 4RA. Furthermore, Superior Thread Rolling boasts an impressive diameter range of .125” – 5.00” at maximum 8” length.

One-Stop Shop for Projects Requiring Honing

Despite the usefulness of honing, there are not many thread rolling shops in our industry capable of providing this value-added service. At STR, we differentiate ourselves by maintaining a fully in-house operation, meaning we do not need to outsource any honing jobs our customers require. While we do not offer honing as a standalone service, we are able to offer honing as a secondary service to any customer who requests it.

Quality Inspections for Honing Services

Because we aim to meet every project requirement that comes our way, Superior Thread Rolling is equipped to perform a wide range of capabilities, such as honing. Moreover, our company is proudly accredited to ISO 9001 and AS9100 criteria, meaning that our comprehensive list of services can be relied upon to meet global quality standards. Superior Thread Rolling maintains our high standards for honing by implementing quality inspection methods.

Air Gages

Air gage inspections are advantages to honing projects for a number of reasons. Firstly, because this gage does not require physical contact with the honed part, there is no risk of marking the surface finish. Additionally, this inspection method is a highly repeatable way to make fast, high-precision measurements.

Sunnen Bore Gages

Sunnen’s bore gages make bore gaging for honing projects a quick and easy process, as they are able to function without using ring gages or micrometers. By investing in inspection equipment that is both fast and precise, STR reduces wait time on our parts without sacrificing quality.

Choose an Expert Workforce for Excellent Honing Service

Quality honing results are a guarantee when you invest in well-rounded expertise. At Superior Thread Rolling, we have cultivated a work environment that encourages continual progression towards innovative solutions and professional development, which has resulted in our highly-trained, time-tested workforce. Each team member can be relied upon to deliver on any and all requests, such as requests to employ our honing services. Moreover, a commitment to timeliness and to high quality standards is emphasized among our workforce, because at Superior Thread Rolling, we understand that our customers are counting on us to provide trustworthy service.

Putting Our Customers First During the Honing Process

Superior Thread Rolling assigns our highest priority to customer satisfaction. By listening to our customers and creating solutions for unmet needs, our company establishes effective relationships with customers. Our team has gained a reputation for trust and respect that has paved the way to STR becoming the Supplier of Choice. By choosing to partner with Superior Thread Rolling for all of your honing needs, you are choosing outstanding customer service for yourself.