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CNC Milling and Turning

CNC Milling and Turning

Superior Thread Rolling offers precision CNC milling and turning services with a quick turn-around for high or low volume orders.

Cellular Manufacturing for CNC Turning and Milling

At Superior Thread Rolling, we are committed to providing you with the optimum balance of pricing, quality, and performance. We utilize Lean Manufacturing principles throughout all our processes, and nowhere is this more apparent than our Lean CNC Cells. Each CNC turning and milling Cell is purpose-built to provide an efficient and economical solution to machining families of parts.

Large Fuse Pin Cell

This cell was custom built to machine a family of 8 landing gear fuse pins sized Ø4.00” to Ø8.00”. It includes a CMM inspection machine and overhead crane to efficiently produce these specialized parts.

Clevis, Rod End, and Hook Cell

This cell machines parts from Square or Rectangular bar and is the only current cell with more milling than turning. The products in this cell have complex shapes, but are still threaded on one end. Common parts in this cell include clevises, rod ends, hooks, and latches.

Landing Gear Cell

Our largest lathe is equipped with an 18” chuck and 72” work length with steady rest. This cell machines landing gear rods, helicopter main masts, and other parts requiring an extra large work space. An overhead crane is installed for safety and efficiency.

Small Bolt Cell

This cell machines parts from round bar Ø1.25” and under. The high spindle speed lathes match perfectly with small bolts, studs, pins, and other similar parts.

Medium Fastener Cell

This cell machines parts from round bar Ø1.25” to Ø3.00”. Typical parts include small landing gear fuse pins, bolts, and nuts, and other similar parts.

Large Bolt Cell

Large 12” chucks are installed on the lathes in this cell, and the CNC mill has 60” of travel. This cell machines our largest fasteners, up to Ø12.00”including bolts, studs, nuts, and fuse pins.

Small Bushing Cell

This cell utilizes barfeeding and a collet system to efficiently produce small bushings up to Ø1.50”. Typical parts here include bushings, spacers, washers, and inserts made from aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Large Bushing Cell

This cell machines larger round parts Ø1.50” to Ø6.00”. Typical parts include bushings, liners, and inserts made from heat-treated steels, aluminum bronze, and stainless steels.

Secondary Operations Cell

These machines are used primarily in machining operations that must be completed after thread rolling. Common machined features include hollow ends inside threaded parts, cross-holes, and keyways.

6-S Shop Organization

One of the key Lean Manufacturing principles used by Superior Thread Rolling to reduce costs and lead times is 6-S. The goal of a 6-S system is to put all the equipment, tools, and information needed by each member of our CNC turning and milling team physically within reach. A well-organized, clean, and safe work area reduces downtime, increases efficiency, and gives Superior Thread Rolling a competitive advantage in CNC turning and milling. (6S diagram)

State-of-the-Art CNC Turning and Milling Equipment

Superior Thread Rolling continuously updates our manufacturing equipment and operations. We purchase state-of-the-art equipment when building CNC Cells to serve our customers’ specific needs. New tools and safety and inspection equipment are purchased along with the new machines to ensure an efficient work area.

Fast Lead Time & Quick Turn-around Capabilities

Superior boasts impressive lead times and quick turn-around capabilities for CNC Turning and Milling. Our Lean CNC Cells allow us to quickly pivot from one setup to another with minimal downtime. Our 6-S shop organization means we’re always ready for your project as soon as the material reaches the machine.

CNC Turning and Milling Common Materials


  • Stainless Steels
    • 13-8 PH
    • 15-5 PH
    • 17-4 PH
    • Custom 455
    • Custom 465
    • 300-Series
    • Nitronic
  • Titanium Alloys
    • 6Al-4V
    • 6Al-6V-2Sn
  • Heat Treated Low-Alloy Steels
    • 4340
    • 4140
    • 4130
    • 8740
    • 9310
  • Aluminum Alloys
    • 2024
    • 6061
    • 7075
  • High Strength Steel Alloys and Tool Steels
    • 300M (4340Mod)
    • Hy-Tuf
    • 4330
    • Aermet 100
    • H-11
    • H-13
  • Aluminum
  • Super Alloys and Nickel Based Materials
    • Inconel 718
    • A-286
    • K-Monel
    • Waspaloy
    • MP35N
    • MP159
  • Bronze
Raw Material Storage