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Value-Added Assembly

Assembly has become an important machine shop capability in our industry. STR is always looking to add value to what we offer, which is why it has been added to the expanding list of STR services available to customers. With a focus on exacting quality, our team is capable of fulfilling even incredibly complex assemblies. For results that will exceed your expectations, look no further than Superior Thread Rolling.

One-Stop Shops for Value-Added Assembly

The difference between job shops that just provide machine service and one-stop shops is monumental. One-stop shops minimize the hassle for their customers, serving as the single point needed for an entire project. Shops that do value-added assembly are even more valuable to customers, as they take machining one step further to include everything from primer to Loctite service. STR is proud to be a machine shop that goes above and beyond by providing these types of value-added assembly services.

Explore the Types of Value Added Assembly STR Provides:

Plug Assembly

As a one-stop shop that can provide assembly service, STR is able to construct our customers’ orders in a way that allows for easy “plug-in” to their facilities. Our team takes into account the specific needs of each client, ensuring that our products are able to be set-up with as little downtime as possible.


When your order requires a finishing touch, STR has you covered, as our team regularly applies primer to machining projects when necessary. Primer not only allows for paint finishes to last longer, it also serves as a protective layer that extends the expected lifespan of machinery.


Loctite threadlockers and adhesives are used to avoid the complications brought about by machine vibration. STR uses Loctite to increase the strength of assemblies and  improve the long-term reliability of our customers’ equipment.

How Supply Chain and Inventory Management Affect Value Added Assembly

Supply chain management and inventory management must work together for high-quality assembly to be feasible. At STR, we have robust processes in place and a large list of approved suppliers to ensure we are always able to provide the comprehensive value-added assembly services we advertise.

Our Assembly Experts

Quality assembly service is the result of a quality workforce. Because of this, we have cultivated a work environment that encourages continual progression towards desired outcomes and innovative solutions. Each team member can be relied upon to deliver on any and all requests, including requests for assembly service projects. Moreover, a commitment to timeliness and to high quality standards is emphasized among our workforce, because at Superior Thread Rolling we understand that our customers are counting on us to provide trustworthy service.

Putting Our Customers First During the Assembly Process

Superior Thread Rolling assigns our highest priority to customer satisfaction. By listening to our customers and creating solutions for unmet needs, our company establishes effective relationships with customers. Our team has gained a reputation for trust and respect that has paved the way to STR becoming the Supplier of Choice. By choosing to partner with Superior Thread Rolling for all of your assembly needs, you are choosing outstanding customer service for yourself.