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What We Do

Superior Thread Rolling is a family-owned company in Southern California specializing in manufacturing aerospace and threaded parts since 1952. Our core competencies include critical aerostructure parts with Rockwell, hardness levels up to 54 HRC (300 KSI), rolled threads, and stringent processing requirements. We have a wide range of expertise and capabilities to offer you, including the following:

Manufacturing Complete

Superior Thread Rolling can take the headaches of manufacturing difficult parts off your desk! When you issue us a Purchase Order, STR will manage the entire manufacturing process for you, from raw material purchasing all the way through AS9102 First Article inspection. You will receive fully packaged parts on-time to your schedule.

Your Account Manager utilizes Superior’s ERP system to track your order’s status in real-time. They will be your single point of contact throughout the entire process, making communication with STR easy and accurate.

Superior Thread Rolling manufactures complete parts for every major aerospace Prime and Tier 1 in the world. We utilize Lean CNC Cells and Single-Piece Flow to reduce manufacturing costs and lead times, while delivering consistent quality. We can also offer to hold inventory for you, so you only receive the quantity you need when you need them.

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Thread Rolling

Superior Thread Rolling is the world’s premier thread rolling service provider. Our 70 years of experience provides a strong foundation to solve your most difficult threading challenges. Superior continues to lead the industry in rolling the highest performance threads possible. A team of engineers, inspectors, quality engineers, and account managers support the best team of thread rolling experts in the industry.

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Engineering — Design for Manufacturability

Thread Rolling is not a process that most designers encounter on a daily basis. Custom machined parts that require thread rolling must be designed properly to account for the limitations of the process while still allowing the strength of the part to be maximized. We are experts at Design for Manufacturability for aerospace fasteners and rolled threads.

Our Engineering staff is always available to assist you on your next project.

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CNC Machining

Superior Thread Rolling builds Lean CNC Cells to fit the needs of our customers. These Lean Cells utilize Single-Piece Flow to optimize throughput while reducing variation, leading to less parts out of tolerance. We are happy to machine your supplied material and return the parts for finish processing, or combine our machining services with our thread rolling services on the same order!

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Centerless Grinding

Superior Thread Rolling centerless grinds most jobs in preparation for thread rolling. We can also finish grind additional surfaces on your parts, like a Bolt Shank, and we’re happy to service you for grinding only! Superior Thread Rolling’s engineering team is experienced and knowledgeable about handling post-grinding requirements in the aerospace industry, which may include stress relieving, nital etch, or mag inspection. We can perform these post-grind operations for you as well!

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Fillet Rolling and Burnish Rolling

Superior Thread Rolling offers Fillet Rolling and Burnish Rolling as stand-alone services, or alongside a thread rolling and/or grinding service order.

Fillet Rolling is a cold working process typically used at the underhead surface of a bolt that increases the strength and fatigue life of the part.

Burnish Rolling is a cold working process for grooves or undercuts in a part. Burnish rolling the smallest diameter on your part can increase the strength and fatigue life of your component.

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Superior Thread Rolling offers knurling as a stand-alone service, or combined with an order for finish grinding or thread rolling. Knurling is a cold working process that displaces material (no cutting!) into a designed pattern. Knurling is typically used to make parts easier to grip, and can also be used to create interference in press-fit assemblies.

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When a keyway or hole is cut through threads, especially rolled threads, getting the deburring right is absolutely critical to the part’s function and performance. Superior Thread Rolling’s deburring team are experts in deburring threaded parts. Combining deburring services with thread rolling and machining services will produce parts with proper fit, form, and function.


Superior Thread Rolling specializes in manufacturing tight tolerance parts, and many of these have internal features that require Honing. Honing is a special process that uses abrasives to slowly remove material from a hole, allowing us to hold tighter tolerances than what a CNC machine is capable of maintaining.

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Supply Chain Management

Superior Thread Rolling specializes in parts with heat treating, plating, coating, and testing requirements. Our location in the aerospace manufacturing hub of Los Angeles, combined with our long-term vendor relationships, allows us to provide outside processing services locally, reducing your turn time and providing our customers with finished product per your ASL (Approved Supplier List).

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Inventory Management

Superior Thread Rolling can stock manufactured parts and ship them to your schedule. This allows our customers to take advantage of the lowest unit price possible by increasing the manufacturing batch size. You’ll receive parts on time to your schedule and only pay for them when you need them!

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Superior Thread Rolling can perform assembly on threaded components and other small parts. We are experts in assemblies with specific torque requirements on threaded joints. This can reduce our customers’ lead times by providing finished assemblies.

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