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Thread Inspection

Thread rolled parts may often be small in size, but the impact they have is large. Since threading is depended upon to fasten together countless pieces of equipment and machinery, it is crucial that thread rolled parts undergo thorough thread inspections to ensure that each piece meets stringent quality standards.

Thread Inspection Gaging

As mentioned above, adhering to high standards of quality is a necessity when producing thread rolled parts, and thread inspection is part of that quality control process. So, what does thread inspection entail? At the basic level, thread inspection involves two simple methods of gaging thread rolling quality and success: Gaging with Thread Plugs and Gaging with Thread Rings. Ring gages and thread plugs are manufactured per ANSI/ASME B1.2.

Thread Rings

Adjustable thread ring gages are inspection tools used during thread rolling projects. cylindrical ring with an inside diameter that is finished to gage the tolerance of a thread rolled part. By providing a fixed limit to gage by, thread rings allow manufacturers to precisely measure the tolerances of thread rolled parts.

Thread Plugs

Thread plug gages are also used to check tolerances of threaded parts according to a certain specification. These thread rolling inspection tools ensure that the manufactured parts conform to the precise standards that they are required to meet.

AS8879 Certified

STR is certified to AS8879 and ISO 9001 standards, which means that our quality control and management systems are rigorous, and received a 100% approval rating at every level of our organization by AS8879 auditors. This high quality rating is made possible, in part, by our thorough thread inspection department. STR continues to prioritize quality in everything we do by constantly looking for innovative ways to lower our production costs and maintain our world-class competitive environment.

Oasis Thread Vision Inspection System

Our premier optical inspection system combines accuracy and precision with a fast, easy-to-use operator interface:

Our Thread Rolling Destructive Testing Specifications

  • AS7452 
  • AS7456
  • AS7458 
  • AS7460
  • AS7464
  •  AS7466 
  • AS7468
  • AS7471
  • AS7472
  • AS7474
  • AS7477
  • AS7478
  • AS7479
  • AS7467
  • AS7470
  • AS81935
  • BAPS 188‐001
  • BPS 4445
  • BPS‐B‐180
  • BPS‐F‐69
  • C50TF13 
  • DPS 4.507
  • FES 0006 
  • FES 0007 
  • GT 16A, GAT 16A
  • HP 18‐2
  • LMA-PA411 
  • MDP 18‐2 
  • MP‐134 
  • NAS 498 
  • NAS 4002
  • NAS 4003 
  • NAS 4004
  • NAS 4008 
  • NASM 7838 
  • NASM 8831
  • NASM 8906 
  • PS 19205 
  • QAI 6039 
  • STP 0478
  • STP 0510 
  • STP51‐400
  • STP 0478
  • STP 0510
  • TS.07.05‐001
  • 2ZZP00052