Where Do You Go When Your Rocket Ship Needs a Part Fast?

the superior thread rolling clevis group with customer awardSometimes our customers forget to order parts – parts that take over fifty weeks to make! Recently, Superior Thread Rolling was given a challenge to transform a 70-lb. forged Inconel block into a precision-machined clevis in fourteen weeks. The pressure was on for both Superior Thread Rolling and our customer due to a critical government payload that could not miss the scheduled launch date.

Superior Thread Rolling brings more to the table than just a job shop. Our technical capabilities and engineering creativity enable us to find alternative manufacturing methods that can condense a fifty-week manufacturing cycle into fourteen weeks – a seventy-two percent reduction in lead time! In this case, Superior Thread Rolling created innovative processes that changed the material configuration and manufacturing sequences to produce a dramatically shortened delivery schedule, as well as a substantially lower unit cost for future runs.

Our six lean-manufacturing cells offer a level of flexibility that empowers our employees to make the impossible happen. Each cell has a set competency that really makes a difference in all areas of quality, part flow and cost.

In addition, Superior Thread Rolling has invested a considerable amount of time to improve our supply-chain relationships, increasing our ability to move work quickly through our outside processing partners. With our clevis challenge, these efforts paid off with perfect coordination between fourteen separate outside processing operations.

To say the least, our successful team effort made us heroes. Our customer made a special trip to Superior Thread Rolling to thank us, and to present an award from their management team for a job well done. They said that this is a part that will never move from our company. Now, that is the kind of relationship we are looking for!