Superior Uses Kaizen

kaizenThe word Kaizen comes from two Japanese words: Kai (continuous) and Zen (improvement). Kaizen in manufacturing means improving and streamlining a particular process by deconstructing, analyzing, improving, and reassembling that process in order to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Superior Thread Rolling is committed to the Kaizen principle as a part of our overall process of continuous improvement. We have applied Kaizen to various processes at Superior with excellent results. Our latest effort involves cell #3 in our thread rolling department where we re-established hand tools on a shadow board, and standardized blade attachments, work rests and work stops.

As a result, set-up time on this cell has been reduced by twenty percent, with the added value passed on to our customers in the form of reduced lead times and faster service. Our ongoing Kaizen events are one more way that Superior Thread Rolling saves you time and money on your thread rolling and precision machining requirements.