2012 Completed Continuous Improvement Projects

continuous process improvement 2012Following is a list of the Continuous Improvement Projects completed at Superior Thread Rolling during calendar year 2012. To learn more about our Continuous Improvement Program please email us or call us at (818) 504-3626.

• Created “Key Process Indicator (KPI)” Boards at each cell to visually track performance
• Implemented Health and Safety Team meetings through the “Safety 360” program
• Implemented an Inventory Cycle Counting program to replace annual physical inventory counts
• Re-vamped archiving program to maintain long-term records more efficiently
• Created a Recycling program at STR for plastics, aluminum, and paper
• Maintenance Department re-vamped, and cleaning stations added throughout the shop
• Updated our manufacturing cells with four new Samsung CNC Lathes and one Haas CNC Mill
• Re-modeled the Identification work area including full 6-S implementation
• Built state of the art training/conference room to increase employee training objectives
• Formalized our 6s continuous improvement methods with wireless scoring system within 48 defined zones to insure accountability
• Consolidated Thread Rolling Estimating and Thread Rolling Planning responsibilities from into our common manufacturing Engineering and Estimating Departments to increase shop floor efficiency and improve customer service