Consistent... Accurate... Resourceful

thread rolling processSuperior’s thread-rolling equipment constantly maintains a high degree of accuracy and uniformity of parts. These machines can, for example, “repeat” within .00030 inch. Sixteen micro finishes on thread-rolled parts are not uncommon at Superior. During the rolling process, threads receive forging properties that help to greatly increase the material’s fatigue strength and the static loading at the root radius. Superior uses both two- and three-die cylindrical thread-rolling machines. Superior’s four massive Reed machines can roll threads with diameters ranging from 5/8 inch to 5 inches.

These machines, the largest of those used by the company today, have enough raw power to cold form or hot roll some of the toughest exotic materials at heat ranges exceeding 50 Rockwell. During its history, Superior has accumulated probably the industry’s most comprehensive inventory of thread-rolling dies. The company works diligently to keep these dies continuously updated and maintained.


Rigidly Controlled...Continuously Updated

finish precision partsAt Superior, manufacturing is a rigidly controlled process converting raw materials into high-quality finished products. Superior purchases raw materials or uses customer-supplied stock. Manufacturing output includes bolts, pins, clevis parts, special actuator screw and nut assemblies, and special high-strength parts fabricated from various new alloys.

As the company strives to continuously update its manufacturing operations, Superior has installed modern CNC machining equipment. To assure improved quality and increased productivity, Superior relies on its in-house CAD/CAM computer and LAN to reduce lead times and improve quality. Using this technologically advanced equipment, Superior performs more manufacturing “miracles” than ever before. Superior focuses on the machining and thread-rolling of nonstandard parts, especially high heat-treated machined parts. This process requires close attention to details, flawless manufacturing planning and flight-safety parts approvals.


Thoroughness Insures Integrity

quality control laboratorySuperior’s planning and quality control departments work closely together. Their harmonious relationship helps the company meet stringent, customer-imposed quality-traceability requirements.

Capabilities of Superior’s Q.C. Laboratory range from destructive metallurgical testing (to examine grain flow and structural integrity) to magnetic particle inspection (to detect flaws or cracks invisible to the unaided eye). Superior maintains a quality-control manual that documents procedures for conforming to international, military and U.S. aerospace standards. Our procedures also conform to the quality specifications of individual aerospace contractors. Customers are invited to survey our quality-assurance program at any time.


Meeting Customer Demands

quality partsSuperior’s production-control department assumes responsibility for meeting customer scheduling commitments. Efficient communication among various internal departments and with external processors helps significantly reduce manufacturing time.

Use of computerized scheduling reports, bar-coded labor collection, computerized routers and well-trained employees helps make promised customer delivery dates a reality. For several years, the company’s in-house computer system has performed still other important day-to-day operations including processing orders, accounting, invoices, project and pricing data (for immediate recall), payroll, accounts payable and management reporting. Learn how Superior’s specialized experience and equipment can help meet your specific needs. Call or write today. All inquiries are cordially invited and responded to promptly.


Lean Manufacturing at Superior

superior thread rolling lean manufacturing“Pure and simple, lean is reducing the time from customer order to manufacturing and delivering products by eliminating non-value added waste in the production stream,” says Tom Mundy, president. “The ideal of a lean system is a one-piece flow. A lean manufacturer is continuously improving in the direction of that ideal.”

The entire Superior Thread Rolling team is committed to the principles of lean manufacturing and top management has assigned the resources to accomplish this goal. Teams of management and production personnel meet at regular intervals to map out strategies and monitor the implementation of the lean manufacturing program at Superior. Both Superior and its customers benefit from the increased efficiency and decreased cost associated with successful lean manufacturing methods. Superior Thread Rolling is a world-class precision manufacturer with a promise to remain at the forefront of technology and customer service in the 21st century.


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