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Our Facilities

Superior Thread Rolling’s 29,000 square feet of manufacturing space is evenly divided between our two main core competencies: CNC Machining and Thread Rolling.  With 70 years of knowledge and experience, Superior Thread Rolling has the team with the resources and the expertise you need. 

Lean CNC Cells at Superior Thread Rolling

Superior Thread Rolling’s CNC floor is not your average job shop!  Our CNC machines are organized into Lean Cells — each with its own specialization.  Superior Thread Rolling builds cells around our customers’ needs. Our current cells range from 2 small lathes built for simple bushings, up to 5 machine tools paired with a CMM and an overhead crane created to manufacture safety-critical Landing Gear Fuse Pins.

We build Cells to solve your biggest problems! Our CNC Cells utilize lean single-piece flow to maximize throughput and reduce cost. The cellular approach allows us to maximize value on a family of similar parts by minimizing the change-over time between products.

Have a product line that could benefit from Lean Cellular Manufacturing?  Click Here to contact us about your project.

Above and Beyond “Aerospace Quality” Threads

“Aerospace Quality” means that a company is conforming to a minimum set of quality requirements set by the industry.  While Superior does have all the certifications and facility approvals you may need for your project, that is just a starting point for us. If your project demands the highest-performing thread available, look no further than Superior Thread Rolling.  

Our machines and expert staff are capable of repeating within .0001” on threaded features.  Surface finishes of 16 or less are typical. An inspection report containing all threaded features generated by our automatic vision inspection system is standard with every job. In 2021, Superior Thread Rolling’s quality rate was 99.7% (2,940 DPPM).  You can be confident that Superior will get it right the first time.

During the rolling process, the threads are cold worked and burnished, the base material grain structure is forged, and material is compacted at the root of the thread. This combination of effects greatly improves the fatigue performance of the thread. Superior Thread Rolling can roll threads from #0 thru 5” diameter.  In the last 70 years, we have amassed the largest die inventory at any thread rolling provider — Superior has over 1500 dies on the shelf.  This means we probably have tooling ready for your job!

The machines and expertise we possess here at Superior allows us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in thread rolling.  We partner with R&D engineers across the aerospace industry to push our machines to their limit and challenge our expert staff to roll threads on parts no one else ever has. This commitment to being the leader in the industry has allowed us to now consistently and reliably push past the barrier of 50 Rockwell material.  

Rigidly Controlled…Continuously Updated

At Superior, manufacturing is a rigidly controlled process converting raw materials into high-quality finished products. Superior purchases raw materials or uses customer-supplied stock. Current manufacturing output includes bolts, studs, pins, clevises, special screws, axles, nuts, inserts, bushings, washers, spacers, and various other critical high-strength parts fabricated from aerospace alloys and nickel-based metals.

Superior Thread Rolling strives to continuously update its manufacturing operations, and continues to invest in the latest CNC machining equipment. To assure improved quality and increased productivity, Superior relies on its in-house CAM programming and rigidly controlled tooling to reduce lead times and improve quality.  Superior focuses on the machining and thread-rolling of custom threaded parts, especially high heat-treated machined parts with heavy testing and processing requirements. This process requires close attention to details, flawless manufacturing planning, and flight-safety parts approvals across the industry.