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The Superior Team Vision

Our vision is to create a company and atmosphere where all TEAM MEMBERS can THRIVE!

To thrive requires thinking not in terms of “What do I need an organization to do for me?” but rather, “What does the organization need me to do?” 

To Thrive, we must work positively toward desired outcomes and solutions.  To Thrive, we are responsible for delivering on all requests and commitments on time and to the quality standards established because others are counting on me and I need to be trustworthy.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to be the Aerospace Supplier of choice to ALL of our customers.  

To achieve this Mission we must produce the highest quality threads, unique industry-designed fasteners and precision machined parts possible.  We must maintain and continuously improve our Quality Systems and be registered by a 3rd party to the latest ISO 9001 and AS9100 industry standards.  We must develop and maintain a strong financial model and strong management team to achieve this mission.

Our Values

We, the employees of Superior Thread Rolling are committed to the core values and behaviors of our company in order to strive for excellence.


At STR, we value creativity, recruit people who have it, and develop it in those where it is latent. Our typical employee:

  • Constantly comes up with new and unique ideas.  
  • Challenges the Status Quo and does not accept the first quick-fix solution.  
  • Works hard to make new connections by building relationships.


A Superior Employee: 

  • Communicates in an open, clear, complete, timely and consistent manner.  
  • Listens effectively and invites responses.  
  • Genuinely cares for people and demonstrates empathy.  
  • Is a TEAM player.


Each member of the STR team:

  • Can be relied upon to exceed targets successfully.  
  • Strives to do better than the competition.  
  • Is action-oriented and full of energy to face challenging situations.  
  • Strives for simplicity and clarity and avoids bureaucracy.


A Superior Employee: 

  • Assigns the highest priority to customer satisfaction.  
  • Listens to customers and creates solutions for unmet customer needs.  
  • Establishes effective relationships with customers both internal and external, and gains their trust and respect. 
  • Helps others to understand the importance of becoming the Supplier of Choice.


A business that runs on mutual respect is a business that succeeds. Every STR employee:

  • Establishes Mutual respect and trust in dealing with others.   
  • Acts and behaves in accordance with his or her words.  
  • Commits to honesty and truth in every facet of behavior and demonstrates ethical conduct.  
  • Keeps confidence, admits mistakes and does not misrepresent self for personal gain.


A Superior Employee: 

  • Sets clear Performance Targets and has the corresponding personal accountability.  
  • Involves the right people in the right situations at the right time.  
  • Shares the consequences of results with all involved.  
  • Fully cooperates with all company initiatives and requests, as well as motivates others to behave in a way that ensures adherence to the same.  
  • Is a Steward; that is a person who is enlisted by an owner and is charged with the management of the owner’s possessions.


Each member of the STR team:

  • Proactively shares best practices and generates ideas around how to improve processes.  
  • Shows initiative and enthusiasm for training others.  
  • Proactively looks for root-cause problems and is always involved in finding sustainable solutions.  
  • Encourages Personal Development and role models constructive communication skills to his/her peers to advance problem identification and resolution.