Superior Thread Rolling Company, Inc. - Approvals
Superior Thread Rolling ISO/AS Certificate

ISO 9001 Registered
AS9100 Registered

D6-82479 Appendix A Approved

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Superior Thread Rolling Company, Inc. - Approved Supplier For ...

CASA 1319

Bell Helicopter
QPS 100, Primary, Critical & Flight Safety Parts
QPS 101, Machining & Rolled Threads per BPS4445

Quality System D1-9000 Rev A

Boeing Commerical Airplane Group
BAC 5617, BAC 5619
Metallurgical Analysis & Thread Forming per BPS-F-69

Boeing Long Beach Division
DPS5.00-HI, DPS4.507, DPS4.507-1, DPS4.507-4,
DPS4.507-5, DPS4.507-6, DPS4.507-8, DPS4.601,
DPS4.804, DPS4.814

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
STP0510 & STP0478

Boeing Helicopter

Boeing Military Airplane

Bombardier Canadair
QASD 4.6, 101A (General Machining Metallic)
102A (General Machining Non-Metallic)
103A (Broaching), 104A (Gear Cutting)
105A (Grinding), 106A (Thread Rolling),
108A (CNC 3-Axis), 161A (Procure Raw Material),
162A (Sub-contract Work), and MPS-168-15L

Goodrich Aerospace
Document 300

Lockheed Martin
5PTPTT02-D F-22 Fracture Critical Parts
5PTPTT11-A F-22 Mission/Safety Critica

Lockheed Martin Delegated
Product Acceptance Supplier

Messier Dowty
A-1 Supplier
Superior Thread Rolling Company, Inc. - Approvals

Superior Thread Rolling is a proud member of the Southern California Manufacturing Group

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